Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant Job Description

Skills and Qualifications

  • Minimum age of 18 years old with high school diploma or equivalent; college degree preferred.

  • Proven experience as an administrative assistant or similar position.

  •  Strong organizational and planning skills.

  •  Office management skills and knowledge of typical systems and procedures.

  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, including grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.

  • Experience managing inbound and outbound calls, preferably in high volume.  

  • Ability to problem-solve, both independently and with a team.

  • Attention to detail and critical thinking.

  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, self-manage, self-motivate, and take initiative.

  • Knowledge of office-related technology, software, and applications, and ability to learn new programs and applications. 

  • Proficient knowledge and ability to use Microsoft Office.

  • Proficient typing skills.

  • Basic plumbing terminology and concepts preferred; willingness and ability to learn terminology and concepts in plumbing and related fields such as HVAC and electric.

  • Excellent attendance and punctuality.

  • Ability to think quickly and calmly in a fast-paced situation.

  • Ability to research, take notes, write, and edit content related to plumbing concepts, marketing, and advertising.

  • Ability to write, analyze, and present reports.

  • Knowledge of social media etiquette, including rules and guidelines for acceptable use. 

 Interpersonal and Customer Service Skills

  • Have a positive attitude and be able to establish a good rapport with management, service technicians, vendors, and customers.

  • Ability to represent our brand in a professional, courteous manner.

  • Ability to respectfully promote our brand without high-pressure sales tactics.

  • Empathize with customers and use de-escalation strategies to resolve customer issues.

  • Always sound friendly, personable, and eager to help over the phone and in person.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Receive and promptly reply to e-mails, telephone calls, and other correspondence.

  • Direct calls, e-mails and other correspondence to the appropriate person or department.

  • Greet and assist walk-in customers, vendors, and other visitors.

  • Dispatch as needed.

    • Receive incoming calls from potential and existing customers.

    • Schedule service appointments based on customer and technician availability, technician expertise, and geographic location.

    • Prioritize calls when scheduling, such as emergencies and urgent plumbing needs, versus estimates for future work.

    • Maintain and update schedules using dispatching software with information such as customer name, contact information, address, plumbing issue, and assigned service technician.

    • Use and manage job referral apps such as HomeAdvisor, Pro Referral, Yelp, and Google Leads.

    • Provide customers with information that will promote our brand and encourage use of our services, utilizing genuine customer development techniques without high-pressure sales tactics. Refer customers to approved outside companies if the work is out of our scope.

  • Apply for permits and order inspections as needed.

  • Enter customer and vendor information in the computer.

  • Access current and past customer and vendor information.

  • Prepare invoices and bids.

  • Maintain an organized filing system.

  • File, copy, fax, scan, and e-mail documents.

  • Schedule and organize appointments and meetings.

  • Maintain a list of contacts.

  • Prepare and distribute memos, letters, faxes, forms, reports, and other correspondence.

  • Handle sensitive information in a way that is confidential, respectful, and in accordance with regulatory laws and company policy.

  • Research, write, revise, edit, and publish plumbing and business-related content. Publication may include but is not limited to flyers, brochures, websites, blogs, social media outlets, reports, and documents.

  • Monitor and organize office supply inventory. Anticipate needed supplies, select vendors, place orders, expedite orders, track shipments, verify receipt of supplies, and initiate and monitor returns and exchanges.   

  • Monitor inventory of office equipment, make sure equipment is operational, trouble shoot as needed, schedule repairs, and research, evaluate, and purchase new equipment.

  • Assist office staff with operation of equipment and access to supplies.

  • Provide technological assistance to office staff and field technicians.

  • Maintain organized computer files, back-up data and troubleshoot system errors.

  • Keep documentation of tasks, correspondence, and events.

  • Provide additional assistance to administration as required.

Tualatin Valley Plumbing LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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