Thank you to ServPlus LLC for joining us for our May safety meeting! Like TVP, ServPlus is a local, family-owned small business that serves the greater Portland area. Plumbing companies often work with restoration companies when a plumbing problem has caused significant water damage. We can tell you firsthand that the restoration professionals at ServPlus are experts in water damage restoration, mold remediation, and more. If you have flooding from a burst pipe, or other water damage, let us know. Not only can we fix your plumbing issue, but we can also help you connect with the outstanding immediate response team at ServPlus.


Remember yesterday's post where we mentioned a special gift from the Easter bunny? It probably wasn't hard to guess that we got a new plumbing van. Of course it wasn't quite as simple as finding the van in a basket. In fact, it was a challenge to find a new van at all! When local searches for Ford Transits came up empty, Larry tried California and Arizona, prepared to fly there if necessary to drive a new van home. Transits were selling as fast as they were being listed. That is pretty fast, considering anyone who knows Larry knows he doesn't waste any time! During his nationwide search for a new van, we learned that production of the Ford Transit had been severely limited over the past year due to COVID-19 and a global semiconductor shortage. Finding a Ford Transit for sale was starting to feel like a lost cause when we received word that a local Ford dealership was adding the exact van we were looking for to their inventory. It was an Easter miracle!

Back when we had one van, we never would have imagined feeling desperate to find van number six in only three years' time. TVP has grown its customer base so much that the only way to continue providing exceptional service is to expand our crew and our fleet. It is important to us to meet the needs of new customers while still being able to respond promptly to our existing customers. Staying true to the TVP brand, our business decisions are customer-driven. We strive to provide all of our customers with the best plumbing experience possible. That is why our new van, LP6, will be stickered up, stocked up, and rolling in no time.


From our family to yours, and the rest of the TVP team, we hope you have a beautiful Easter Sunday. However you celebrate, from Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, to family meals, rest, and relaxation, enjoy the many blessings of Spring. The Easter bunny brought an extra special gift for TVP, much too big to fit into a basket! Here's a hint: It's white, has four wheels, and is perfect for carrying tools and plumbing supplies. Any guesses? Read tomorrow's blog to find out more!

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