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Faucet and Sink Repair & Replacement
faucet install - Portland Oregon- Tualatin Valley Plumbing
Tualatin Valley Plumbing offers sink, and faucet repair / replacement installation service in Portland, & surrounding communities.

Reliable Sink and Faucet Repair/Replacement Service

A constantly dripping faucet isn’t just annoying; it wastes water!! There are many reasons why faucets drip, including damaged O-rings, worn-out washers, corroded valve seats, and more. If you have a kitchen or bathroom faucet that drips, call Tualatin Valley Plumbing to diagnose the problem.

Dripping faucets aren’t the only kitchen sink issues homeowners face. If your old sink is cracked, has sustained damage, or if the drain basket is broken, replacing the sink might be a wise and more cost-effective decision than repairing it. Call Tualatin Valley Plumbing and let one of our expert plumbers inspect your kitchen/Bathroom sink to determine the best course of action to fix it.

Updating Your Plumbing Fixtures

Are you renovating the kitchen or bathroom? New plumbing fixtures enhance the style of your home and offer improved water conservation, which helps the environment and reduces your water bills. Whether you are replacing a damaged fixture or want to replace all the fixtures for decorative purposes, we can help you find the right fixtures for your home. Our plumbers in Santa Ana are equipped to ensure that your plumbing fixtures are correctly installed and able to handle any issues that may arise during the installation process.

We repair and replace an array of plumbing fixtures such as:

Should You Repair Or Replace Broken Plumbing Fixtures?

Small problems tend to lead to big problems down the road. Many people know and understand this. How does this relate to plumbing fixtures? Sometimes it can be hard to determine if a leaking toilet or a malfunctioning faucet requires a full replacement or if they can be easily repaired.​


  • How old is the current fixture?

  • What is the expected lifespan of the fixture in question?

  • What is the cost of a new fixture?

  • Could delaying repair or replacement cost more money down the line?

  • Could your home suffer damage if you delay repair or replacement?

It's important to keep in mind the age of the plumbing fixture. For example toilets can last upwards to 15 years on average and faucets can last 20 years. When problems come up with older fixtures it is usually the better option to replace them. Otherwise more problems requiring more repairs will continue to pop up. Minor problems or if your fixture is still relatively new, replacements are not necessary.

Schedule fast & reliable Portland plumbing service with the highly trained specialists at Tualatin Valley Plumbing.
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