Tualatin Valley Plumbing, LLC Free Estimate Policy


Tualatin Valley Plumbing LLC offers free estimates to eligible customers who intend to hire for services within 30 days.  Our free estimate policy requires certain exclusions to keep overhead costs to a minimum so that we may continue providing the benefit of free estimates to eligible customers who are ready to hire. Estimates are valid for 30 days from the original submission date, after which prices are subject to change.  


To qualify as eligible for a free estimate, customers must:


          a) be the property owner, or, tenant with landlord approval,

          b) be prepared to hire for the quoted services within 30 days of the estimate submission date,

          c) reside within our company’s service area,

          d) plan to have all work performed during regular business hours

          e) and not qualify for any of the exclusions remaining in this document.  


All estimates involving insurance, real estate, wills, and probate will be subject to an estimate fee. Tualatin Valley Plumbing LLC will not, under any circumstances, write an estimate for use in litigation proceedings. Fees vary based on time and complexity and are due upfront. If hired for services, we may, under some circumstances, apply a portion of the fee to the final payment. There is no guaranteed credit. Estimate fees apply to only one property. Additional properties will each be charged separately.  


Free estimates apply only to jobs with visible damage requiring no additional diagnostics. Leak searches for the purpose of providing an estimate, including but not limited to crawl spaces, walls, ceilings, and cabinets, will be charged a fee. Under some circumstances, a portion of the fee may be applied to the final payment, however, no credit is guaranteed. Searches will not begin prior to disclosing the fee price to the customer, and, obtaining customer approval. Fees must be paid in full at the time of the search. A diagnostic fee will also apply to estimates requiring additional tools or unspecified difficult access.  


Estimates for projects outside our service area will be charged an upfront destination fee. Destination fees will not, under any circumstance, be credited to a final payment.


Estimates, free or paid, include the overall total for all work as requested by the date of estimate submission. We do not provide itemized pricing or a breakdown of costs for any estimate, without exception.  


Any fees, not limited to leak searches, destination fees, realtor or insurance fees, and additional diagnostic fees, can be paid by cash, check, or credit card. Credit card payments are subject to an additional processing fee.


Tualatin Valley Plumbing LLC offers estimates only to residential and small-commercial service customers. We do not provide estimates for new construction, remodeling, or large-commercial services.  


Tualatin Valley Plumbing LLC reserves our right to refuse service.