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Complete Service for Gas Lines
Gas line- Portland Oregon- Tualatin Valley Plumbing
Tualatin Valley Plumbing offers gas lines installs in Portland, & surrounding communities.

Gas is highly volatile and poses extreme risks to the health and safety of people and property. For this reason, gas lines should only be handled by a trained and certified professional. This is never a job to handle on your own. 

If you need help with a gas line, call Tualatin Valley Plumbing LLC We have the training and certification needed to safely install gas lines.

Who Installs Gas Lines?

Skilled plumbers that are trained in gas line installations. This is a type of specialty, only certain plumbers are experts at. It is good for plumbers to be able to install gas lines because it benefits and enhances the work done on installing gas powered appliances, indoors and  around the outdoors of the house.

Complete Service for Gas Lines

Many homeowners are making the switch to gas for home appliances, heating the home and water, and cooking because it is cost-efficient and provides even heating. Getting a new gas appliance will require installing a gas line. If you are remodeling your home, you may need to relocate gas lines to accommodate the new layout of the room. Our professional gas plumbers are trained and experienced for safe and efficient gas line installation in the Portland area.

We install gas lines for:

  • Stoves

  • Gas fireplaces

  • Barbecue grills

  • Gas logs

  • Water heaters

  • Other gas appliances

How To Safely Respond to a Gas Leak

Although gas-powered appliances are typically very safe, a leaking gas line can quickly become an emergency. A buildup of natural gas in your home can make you very ill and potentially even trigger an explosion. Knowing how to recognize and respond to this dangerous situation is essential to keeping yourself and your family safe.

The most common sign of a gas leak is a strong rotten egg smell. You may also hear hissing sounds or experience sudden illness on entering your home. If you notice these warning signs, immediately evacuate the house, and leave the doors open. Call 911 or your local fire department, followed by your utility company’s emergency number

Schedule fast & reliable Portland plumbing service with the highly trained specialists at Tualatin Valley Plumbing.
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