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How Can You Tell If Your Home Needs a Repipe?

Updated: Jan 12

Here are some telltale signs:

1. Your home was built prior to World War II. Pipes were made of galvanized steel or cast iron back then. By now those pipes are rusty and corroded.

2. Your water is a brown or reddish color. You might also notice a metallic smell.

3. You’ve already repaired multiple leaks. Having multiple leaks is a warning that your entire plumbing system is about to fail. You might notice watermarks on your ceiling or smell something foul.

4. You’re experiencing low water pressure, slow drains, and clogs. Something is constricting your pipes, probably years of grease accumulation, corrosion, and decay. Your pipes might be leaking too.

To learn more about repiping your home, visit www.tualatinvalleyplumbing.com/repipes.

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