• Diane Peters

Welcome to the TVP Blog!

Updated: Jan 12

Today is a special day here at Tualatin Valley Plumbing! Three years ago today, Larry and I officially started this family-owned business. We had one van and Larry was our only plumber. I was still working full time as an elementary school teacher. Each evening our dining table transformed into an office where we learned to navigate a new and complex world of business ownership. It turned out that Larry was a natural entrepreneur with an instinctual, clear vision for the future, and with enough experience in the industry to know what not to do. We both wanted a company that was customer- and family-oriented, based on values such as honesty, integrity, and the golden rule. I knew nothing about plumbing, but at least as a teacher I had the skills to research, learn, and support Larry with things like paperwork, bookkeeping, and advertising. Larry gave me a crash course in the most basic of plumbing lingo. Three years later I know a lot more than I did then, but my understanding of plumbing barely scratches the surface of what that man knows. (We once recorded a radio commercial where I called Larry a plumbing nerd, and I stand by that statement! He lives and breathes plumbing!)

On this three-year anniversary, I am so grateful and am humbled by what we have accomplished. It has been a team effort, and I don’t just mean Larry and me. Without the support of Mom, our son, and my best friend, the journey would have been so much more difficult. We have been blessed in life to be surrounded by amazing people, which includes our other plumbing technicians, office staff, vendors, customers, and a list fit for the Oscars. Larry splits his time between running the business and still plumbing out in the field. I no longer teach, but instead get to dedicate my time to our family, our two puppies, and our business. Days like today are a perfect opportunity to reflect, and to launch our company blog! We have been posting on Facebook and other social media sites since the company started, but now you can see those posts and more right here on the TVP website. From celebrations and a look behind the scenes, to how-to’s and answers to common plumbing questions, this blog is meant to be a source of information and an outlet for our gratitude.

Thank you for reading TVP’s first blog post!