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Why should you purchase a water heater from your plumber?

Despite two water heaters having the same brand name, there is a difference between a water heater purchased at a big box retailer versus a water heater purchased from a plumber. To offer consumers lower prices, water heaters from large retailers usually are made from less durable components, such as thinner metal and plastic parts. The same brand water heater from a plumber will be constructed from higher quality materials, made to last longer.

Some local plumbing supply stores will only sell to plumbers. Others will sell to the public but at a marked-up price. Even if you buy a water heater from a plumbing supply store, you will still need to hire a plumber to install the system. Installing your own equipment runs the risk of having no support if there is a problem, plus you will have to transport the new unit and dispose of the old one. Consumers may also not be familiar with current plumbing codes created to keep you and your home safe from injury or damage.

In addition to the difference in quality, there are other factors to consider. A plumber will assess your family’s hot water usage and provide a system that best meets your needs. A common mistake made by consumers is purchasing a water heater that is undersized for their home. You will also need to consider the length and coverage of the warranty as well as ease of access to replacement parts. Many big box retailers sell the water heaters, but not the parts.

As with most things, you get what you pay for. When you hire a plumber to supply your water heater, you are getting higher quality equipment, professional installation, and saving time, energy, and money in the long run.

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