Sewer Camera Inspections

Why should you have a sewer camera inspection? 

Some blockages cannot be cleared no matter how much you plunge or auger the drain. That means there is a problem somewhere down the line. By determining the cause of the issue, your plumber will be able to recommend the best possible solution.  

Common causes of clogged lines include bathroom waste, kitchen debris, tree roots, and damaged pipes. Since these lines are buried beneath your house and in the ground, pinpointing the exact source of the problem is no easy task without the use of a sewer camera. Years ago, the only way to find the source was to guess where the problem could be and start digging. Thanks to modern technology, plumbers can now use sewer inspection cameras to diagnose without unnecessary holes and trenches.

How do sewer camera inspections work? 

To perform a sewer camera inspection, your plumbing technician will snake a flexible rod through either the sewer line cleanout or by pulling a toilet. The rod is equipped with bright LED lights and a high-definition camera that transmits a clear video signal to the technician’s LCD display monitor. Knowing exactly what they are looking for, the technician can analyze the video in real time, while also making a recording they can refer to later.

A signal from the camera’s location device transmits to a receiver above ground. This allows the plumbing technician to pinpoint and mark the exact location of the problem so the necessary plumbing repairs can be made. 

sewer camera

Our high-quality, professional sewer camera was inserted through a cleanout by an experienced plumbing technician. 

sewer camera inspection screen displaying roots blocking sewer pipe

Roots were found to be the source of the problem. When roots penetrate a pipe, they cause a blockage. 

white painted x on lawn showing where there is a leak in pipe

The exact location has been marked so that our qualified plumbing technician can make the necessary repairs. 

How can we help you?

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